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World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides - The Ultimate Challenge

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Henry Cole is used to riding thousands of miles across continents but, in The Ultimate Challenge, he is attempting to cover just one mile but cover that one mile faster than anyone else on earth has ever ridden it. Iconic British motorcycle manufacturer Brough Superior has offered Henry the chance to become one of their works racers on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in an attempt to break the world land speed record for a pre-1955 classic motorcycle. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity but land speed record glory never comes easy. First the preparation, nine months of it, and a terrifying accident that could cause Henry to quit his quest before it's really begun. Struggling with the physical and mental damage that the accident causes him, Henry eventually meets up with the Brough Superior team in Los Angeles to spend a further week preparing the bike at one of the most hallowed workshops in the world - US chat show host Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage in Burbank. Whilst the team does the final checks on the race bike, Jay Leno gives Henry an exclusive tour of his astonishing motorcycle collection. Soon though, the Bonneville Salt Flats beckon and Henry, along with the thirty-strong team, arrive at this legendary venue. Bonneville is twenty square miles of nothing, temperatures can reach over 45 degrees centigrade and riding on the salt is like riding on snow. The Salt Flats have a reputation of tearing bikes to pieces, the salt attacking every moving part and the altitude makes a bike lose 30% of its power. It's one of the most hostile environments on the planet. After a five hour wait wearing full black leathers in searing heat, Henry is on the start line of the five mile arrow straight racetrack. He will have two miles to reach his required speed then he will hit the timed flying mile, he will then have two miles to slow down. If he is successful on that run he will have to do it all over again the other way to get a land speed record breaking average speed. What ensues very nearly kills him. That's why it is called The Ultimate Challenge.


Henry Cole

Henry Cole's career has spanned some twenty five years in the television industry producing and directing an eclectic mix of award winning broadcast programming for all of the UK's and many international terrestrial and satellite broadcasters. His love of motorcycles and adventure has allowed him to embark on some epic travelling.

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