Planet Food Series 7

Planet Food travels the world over to sample to best indigenous food on offer. This series looks at the gastronomical delights Greece, India and Singapore has to offer. We begin with Angela May's culinary journey from the bustling Greek capital of Athens out to the islands of Lesvos and Crete. Along the way, Angela addresses a whole range of tempting delights to be sampled from fine dining to street food. Angela also discovers why the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. In Goa, Angela learns how to prepare her own poa bhaji, a traditional Goan breakfast curry and whilst visiting the island of Singapore, well known for its fusion food, Angela finds one of the best places in Asia to sample Eurasian and Peranakan or Nonya cuisines.


No. of Episodes: 3


1  Greece

Angela May's culinary journey through Greece takes her from the bustling capital of Athens to historic Thessalonica, and to the islands of Lesvos and Crete, on an exploration of this beautiful country's delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. The classical civilisation of the Ancient Greeks still influences modern Greece, and in Athens, a melting pot of tastes and traditions, Angela is treated to a feast served in the elegant style that Athenians would have been accustomed to 2000 years ago. Sampling the street food Souvlaki in the busy streets beneath the Acropolis, Angela visits the central food market, before going on to learn how best to prepare and cook the Greek favourite, Moussaka. Travelling on to the island of Lesvos, Angela discovers how the aniseed-based Greek tipple of Ouzo came to be created here when all the local vines were wiped out by the phylloxera plague in the nineteenth century.
Duration: 60'


2  Goa/ Manila

Angela May journeys to the Western Coast of India to sample the cuisine and culture of the thriving melting pot that is Goa. Goa existed under Portuguese colonisation for over 400 years, and the architecture, cuisine and overall flavour of the region is entirely reflective of this rule. Angela eats Goan foods from vibrant restaurants across the region, gets cooking lessons from Goan chefs, and tries her hand at creating some of the dishes for herself. Next Bobby Chinn travels to the capital Manila in this episode to discover a passionate and humorous people, and their love of food. A perfect example of that is Marketman, Manila's most famous food blogger. He takes Bobby around the Scaledo Market, a weekly Saturday market that highlights cuisines from various regions in the country and also invites him to a Meryenda party hosted at his home where Bobby has the chance to sample most of Filipino's favourite afternoon snacks.
Duration: 60'


3  Singapore /Chennai Pocket Guide

Angela May visits Asia's culinary melting pot, the island of Singapore; well known for its fusion food and one of the best places in Asia to sample Eurasian and Peranakan or Nonya cuisines. Singaporeans love their food and have developed regional variations of the core cuisines that were brought here. Angela cooks and tastes a variety of signature dishes including Cantonese shark fin soup, paper wrapped baked chicken, chilli crab and the delicious and colourful Peranakan sweets.
Duration: 60'


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