New This Month Jeni and Olly's West Coast Wine Adventures

Jeni and Olly's West Coast Wine Adventure is the ultimate taste of West Coast America; fabulous food, incredible wine and delicious adventures all wrapped up in an unmissable road trip featuring the divine double act of Jeni Barnett and Olly Smith. They're hitting the road to travel from the food lover's destination city of Portland, Oregon to hot foodie capital San Francisco in California. On the way Jeni and Olly are stopping off at a mix of landmark destinations and hidden gems and leaving no bottle unopened. It's fun, high spirits and adventure all the way as our rambunctious pair meet legendary world class wine makers and get a VIP pass into the kitchens of some stellar cooking names who've put Oregon and Northern Californian cuisine on the global food map. This West Coast wine adventure is turning up the heat on gastro tourism so join Jeni and Olly for the food and wine trip of a lifetime.


No. of Episodes: 4


1  Portland and the Willamette Valley

Jeni Barnett and Olly Smith's adventures starts in super hip Portland Oregon, one of the most fascinating foodie destinations in America. Olly's checking out the new urban wine trend that's sweeping the city with a visit to Enso Winery for his first pour of Oregon wine, while Jeni's got a lunch date with Gabriel Rucker one of the most lauded chefs in the entire USA.
Duration: 30'


2  South Oregon and Shasta Cascade California

Jeni Barnett and Olly Smith kick off the second leg of their adventure. First they are in South Oregon, where Olly, an Oregon first timer, is checking out the Dancin Vineyard in the Rogue Valley. Jeni's tracked down a British chef who's set up a hot restaurant in picturesque Medford, called Smithfields after the London market. They're shopping, cooking and eating, then Jeni's heading to the Red Lily Vineyard in the beautiful Applegate Valley where Olly's tasting wine and there's a picnic in store.
Duration: 30'


3  Sonoma Valley - Healdsburgh and Sebastopol

It's all about legends and heroes as the wine adventure double act explores the world famous Sonoma Valley in California. Renowned for its fabulous food and wines, Healdsburg at the head of the valley is a must. On the food front there is amazing chef Dustin Valette at Dry Creek Kitchen, he's taking Jeni Barnett to some gourmet haunts in the town and cooking up a feast for her. Olly Smith is heading to the world famous Lytton Spring's vineyard to check out their fabulous zinfandel and hundred year old vines.
Duration: 30'


4  Sonoma and San Francisco

City and country, that's what's on the menu in the final leg of the wine adventure. Starting in the beautiful Sonoma Valley with a lot of ground to cover, Jeni Barnett is on the cheese trail checking out the must visit Vella Cheese shop in downtown Sonoma. Meanwhile Olly Smith is investigating how Mexican migrant workers are now running Vineyards and meeting the award winning, winemaking Robledo dynasty. As a fabulous Sonoma finale, the double act heads to Scribe winery where hot winemaker Andrew Mariani is ready to pull some corks.
Duration: 30'


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