Globe Trekker Series 14

Legendary travel show Globe Trekker returns to showcase more of the world's most spectacular destinations. Zay Harding heads to Antarctica for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, experiencing life in one of the world's harshest environments. Zay marvels at the wildlife in the region and considers seeing the 'penguin highway' as one of his greatest travel experiences. Meanwhile in sunny Barcelona, Megan McCormick takes the artistic route around this vibrant city and visits Gaudi's astonishing Sagrada Familia. Livewire Adele Ucar sets off for Nigeria and enjoys both the vibrant culture and the chaos of Lagos. With visits to Syria, Holland and Ukraine also on the itinerary Globe Trekker continues to offer an exciting and inspiring look at the world.


No. of Episodes: 12


1  Barcelona

Megan McCormick finds that even before the finest architects and urban planners came on board in an effort to 'turn Barcelona around' to face the sea, Antonio Gaudi shaped it more than any other and created an entirely original style - as a result you'll find his works scattered all over town. The city's major art galleries The Miro Foundation and Museu Picasso, celebrate similarly iconic artists and has no doubt also helped shape the colourful atmosphere of Las Ramblas. The team then heads to the bizarre antique shops, small bookstores and hip boutiques on offer in the Barrí Gotic and El Rey de La Magia, an intriguing boutique that has supplied most of the great magicians over the last 125 years Last stop is Cadaques, the village credited with inspiring a plethora of artists, Salvador Dali among them.
Duration: 60'


2  Turkey 2

Adela Ucar's Turkish adventure begins in Konya, a bastion of Islamic faith and Seljuk culture, where Muslim pilgrims mingle with secular citizens in tranquil tea gardens. The team treks along the coastline of the Aegean Sea with its exploring ancient rock-hewn tombs on the hills surrounding Myra, before arriving at Adana, one of Turkey's largest cities. It is also home to the Sabanc? Mosque, which can accommodate 20,000 worshippers and even has a small elevator tucked away in one of its minarets. Making their way onwards and off-the-beaten-track, they arrive at the historic south eastern region of Anatolia, a region filled with jagged mountain peaks, sun-kissed plains, extinct volcanoes and immense lakes, before ending the trip in Diyarbakr, the epicentre of Kurdish culture.
Duration: 60'


3  Syria

Syria's second largest city, the ancient trading centre of Aleppo was once a key stop on the silk and spice routes and this is where presenter Holly Morris checks into the Hotel Baron, once frequented by the likes of Agatha Christie and T.E Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia. Next is the awe inspiring Greco Roman city of Apamea, Saladin's Castle and Krak de Chevalier in the lush coastal mountains before hitting the stunning capital city, Damascus. To get a taste of contemporary Syria Holly takes up an offer to attend the Adonia TV Drama Awards, undergoing a full-blown Syrian makeover complete with big hair and false eyelashes for the occasion. Finally, she heads east into the Syrian desert to the legendary oasis of Palmyra.
Duration: 60'


4  South Atlantic

Join traveller Zay Harding on an epic adventure from the southernmost tip of Argentina all the way to Antarctica. In the outer Falkland Islands, Zay visits an albatross nesting colony, before heading to the capital Port Stanley to learn all about the 1982 conflict between Britain and Argentina. As the team sails to sub Antarctic South Georgia fur and leopard seals jostle for space with king penguins, while giant skuas swoop overhead with glaciers, green grass, sand beaches and floating icebergs as the rather dramatic backdrop. The final part of Zay's journey south sees the ship's course hijacked by floating pack ice. Forced to detour via the South Shetland Islands, he stops at King George Island, home to seven different country's Antarctic base stations. Humpback whales greet the ship's arrival before he steps foot for the first time on the world's coldest, windiest, and also fifth largest continent - Antarctica.
Duration: 60'


5  Antarctica

Bording 60 foot yacht The Spirit of Sydney, Zay Harding embarks on his epic journey to Antarctica. He is greeted by clear blue skies when he goes sea kayaking, but is also forced to face the effects of global warming first-hand; glacier break offs creating dangerous ocean swells in front of him every few minutes. Next, he gets up close and personal with penguins, discovering that all you have to do is sit still and watch as their amazing daily ritual unfolds. Back on board Zay sails on to the UK historic site Port Lockroy to delve into the iconic story of Scott and Amundsen's race for the South Pole and he also gets a glimpse into what life is like for scientists working in the Antarctic. In a fearless attempt he even takes a stab at ice-climbing on Mount Scott, but deep crevasses make his trip too hazardous to complete. And if that wasn't enough he still has 1,000 kms ahead of him on his way back to the South American mainland, via the most perilous stretch of water in the world.
Duration: 60'


6  Nigeria

Adela Ucar's journey begins in Lagos, an anarchic and electric city with Nigerian drums lessons on offer for her in Shrine, a world famous night club. Next stop is Yoruba Land, once home to one of the most powerful empires on the West African coast and in Oshobogo the team is greeted by massive sculptures and a monumental shrine to the River goddess Osun. In predominantly Islamic Northern Nigeria the walled old cities of Zaria, Katsina and Kano impress visitors and after a hunt for bargains in the ancient Kurmi Market they are off to a traditional Fulani village in Chafe. Moving on through the eastern highlands of the country, home to deep wooded valleys and waterfalls a rare mountain gorilla is spotted, not so surprising as it turns out that at least four separate gorilla populations have been discovered in the area in recent years.
Duration: 60'


7  Endangered Places

Whether man made or a natural phenomenon, our heritage is irreplaceable and it is also under threat as never before. Join our presenters on a trip round the world to explore some of our most endangered places and ask what we can all do to help the world we live in. Justine Shapiro shows us the beautiful city of Venice, which has slowly been sinking for the past 1,000 years. Zay Harding witnesses chunks of a glacier melting into the sea in Antarctica as global warming continues to heat up the earth. Ian Wright travels to the Nevada desert outside Las Vegas where A bombs were tested in the 1950s to find out just how destructive they really were. Adela Ucar visits an ancient Turkish town, Hasankeyf, before it is sunk under the River Tigris as part of plans for a new dam. And Megan McCormick has to fight for a place on the beach in Algarve as she looks at the invasion of tourism that takes place there every year.
Duration: 60'


8  The Netherlands

Experience the timeless natural beauty of Holland and relive a piece of its history in the outdoor Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen, which can only be reached by water. Around a hundred dwellings, small shops and workshops help picture life in the Zuiderzee fishing villages of centuries ago. It takes an early bird to see the centre of the world's flower-industry in full action as 17 million flowers are sold and exported daily at the Aalsmeer Flower Auction, then there's a traditional cheese market in Alkmaar shifting fine produce for the last 600 years. Only 15 miles long and 5 miles wide, Texel has also been called 'Holland in Miniature'. Broad sandy beaches, wad-excursions, nature reserves, forests and picture postcard villages make Texel island a real summer haven. Then the team heads south to the Delta Works, the most amazing set of locks and dikes that shield the country from the mighty ocean, before hitting the Dutch capital of The Hague.
Duration: 60'


9  Ukraine

A World War II theme restaurant with a pro-Ukrainian twist and the Masoch Café, devoted to the notorious Lviv-born writer Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch are among Holly Morris's first stops on her trip to Ukraine. Going south-west to the Chernogoria mountains she finds a completely untamed region still inhabited by the Hutsuls, herders, woodsmen and crafts people who are thought to be of Celtic descent and meets the local mountain shaman of the Hutsul community. Then it's time to descend 12 storeys at one of the crown jewels of the USSR's ballistic missile system, Pervomays'k, once hidden behind camouflage and a high voltage electric fence. After an extensive tour of Ukraine's southernmost region, the semi-autonomous Republic of Crimea, she heads to Kiev, a sprawling metropolis superimposed over an ancient city that was founded along the Dnieper river by Viking princes in the 6th century and finally to the site of the Chernobyl catastrophe.
Duration: 60'


10  Great Historic Sights

In this Globe Trekker Special exploring the world's most historic sites from the Age of Empires, the hosts travel across continents visiting spectacular sites dating from medieval times to the 19th Century. From Karakorum, capital of the Mongol Empire, through the marvels of Medieval Europe, the shores of the New World and the cradle of the Industrial Revolution the journey paints a fascinating picture of the complex history of human civilization.
Duration: 60'


11  Caribbean Islands

Join Globe Trekker on a journey through some of the most exotic Caribbean islands, as Zoe Palmer travels to such breathtaking locations as St Lucia, Martinique and Guadeloupe, while Zay Harding visits the fascinating former Dutch colonies just off the South American coast; Curacao and Bonaire. Beyond the sun, sand and sea there are dramatic mountainous interiors to explore, cocoa plantations to visit and volcanoes to climb, not to mention the wealth of wildlife and tantalizing local spirits on offer.
Duration: 60'


12  Puerto Rico

Zay Harding heads to the 'enchanted isle' of Puerto Rico, established by Spanish conquistadors as trading base that grew wealthy on the commerce between Europe and the new colonies. Its original inhabitants, the Taino Indians call it Boricua and they are still campaigning for their culture to be recognised. In the mountain town of Jayuya Zay also gets a glimpse how the Tainos 'celebrate' Columbus Day. Then he visits the rain forest of El Yunque before moving on to Vieques to experience the delights of the bio-bay, horseback riding on the beach and a night at the eco-friendly Hix Resort.
Duration: 60'


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