Food Tripper Series 4

Food expert Helen Hokin takes her taste buds on another tour to discover the world's best culinary destinations. First stop is the Black Forest in Germany, home to restaurants holding the most Michelin stars in the country. Here Helen sets out on a gastro forage through some of the forest's 23,000 kilometres of hiking trails, discovering all manner of fascinating delicacies right under her feet. After all that exercise, a chance to learn the secret to making an authentic Black Forest gateau, with its calorie bursting amount of chocolate and cream, is too good an opportunity to turn down. Estonia has an incredible food history and Helen is taken all the way back to medieval times when sampling the unique offering at the Olde Hansa restaurant. Estonia is certainly not stuck in the past though as the designer restaurants and funky art spaces in Tallinn clearly show. Trips to the remote the remote rural islands of Saaremar and Muhu offer Helen even more traditional recipes to sample from. In Grenada, Helen traces the history of this beautiful spice island, including its vital nutmeg industry. However, cocoa is becoming equally important to the island's economy, which Helen discusses with award-winning chocolatier Mott Green, whilst also tasting his supremely ethical chocolate bar. As always, Helen will be forging a path for all fellow food trippers to follow.


No. of Episodes: 3


1  Black Forest

Helen Hokin goes on a gastro forage into the heart of Germany's Black Forest, where she also learns what goes into the many layers of an authentic black forest gateau. Helen picks her way through a hot day working the cherry orchards and dips into the country's love of chocolate with one of Germany's master chocolatiers, all before having her taste buds put to the test with a schnapps showdown. Helen extends her excursion to take in the picturesque cheese route and meet local producers before heading to sunny Freiberg.
Duration: 60'


2  Estonia

Helen Hokin travels back in time to chart Estonia's incredible food history. Starting in medieval times she visits Olde Hansa to see what the merchants brought to Tallinn's table centuries ago. She then meets a local who recalls life during the Soviet rule before seeing how Estonian's culture has changed dramatically since the country's independence. There's a trip to the remote rural islands and a chance to sing along with the oldest settled community in Europe.
Duration: 60'


3  Grenada

Helen Hokin takes a trip to the Caribbean, flying into the self-proclaimed spice island of Grenada where she traces the journey of the nutmeg from tree to table. Helen then heads to a cocoa plantation, where she meets a man aiming to make the world's most ethical chocolate bar, before partying like a local at the weekly fish festival. She learns to cook up callaloo, treks into the jungle with the islands very own Indiana Jones and tries a speciality tuna dish in a beautiful beachside setting.
Duration: 60'


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