Flavours of Colombia

Charlie Ottley challenges his taste buds once more, this time by gallivanting around the magnificent but previously much maligned country of Colombia. Charlie undertakes an incredible journey from the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, up over the high Andes, down to the depths of the jungle and onto the banks of the mighty Amazon. Colombia is synonymous with the magical coffee bean and Charlie learns the secret to the drink that has captured the world. It wouldn't be a culinary journey in the Charlie Ottley mould without the addition of a few bizarre dishes along the way and this time out Charlie does not disappoint as he tucks into some rodent stew and discovers how to cook a traditional pirate recipe. Looking down from the snow-clad volcanoes in the Los Nevados National Park, Charlie concludes that, for him, Colombia is not only safe to visit but also constitutes one of the last unspoilt destinations in Latin America.


No. of Episodes: 6


1  The Pacific

Charlie Ottley explores the stunning Pacific Region from the bleak and beautiful Isle of Gorgona to the great empty beaches of the South West. Along the way he visits the bustling city of Cali, birthplace of Colombian salsa, and discovers some of the best Latin American dancing in the world, as well as some of the worst.
Duration: 30'


2  The Lowlands

Charlie Ottley explores the Lowlands starting in the heart of the Colombian Amazon, where he mingles with local tribes, sleeps rough in the jungle and discovers a tasty recipe for rodent stew. He also gets the chance to try out some Colombian wine at one of the country's only wine spas. Charlie finally saddles up for some time at the ranch as he rides out onto the great plains of the Llanos in search of lunch.
Duration: 30'


3  Historic Colombia

Charlie Ottley travels through time from Colombia's pre-Hispanic origins through its colonial era to the present day, encapsulated by the bustle of the country's cosmopolitan capital Bogota. Starting at the mystical ruins of San Agustin, Charlie ventures through towns and landscapes rich in cultural history like the perfectly preserved colonial town of Villa de Leyva. Back on the road, he visits a terracotta house, an underground cathedral, some striking sculptures and the country's most famous restaurant.
Duration: 30'


4  In and Around Cartagena

Charlie Ottley checks out the famous and breathtaking Cartagena, host to the Hay Book Festival and one of the most historic cities in South America. Charlie joins in the festival, meets some of its leading lights and visits some of the more unusual sights in town, like the Palace of the Inquisition and a restaurant devoted to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Charlie then takes a boat ride up the great Magdalena River to the picturesque colonial town of Mompox. There Charlie demonstrates how to get a full body skin treatment as he immerses himself in a small but perfectly formed volcano.
Duration: 30'


5  The Caribbean

Charlies Ottley experiences Caribbean Colombia starting with the famously beautiful Tayrona National Park. From there he heads offshore to the remote but enchanting Island of Providencia, home to the world's third largest coral reef. There, Charlie goes diving with sharks and discovers how to cook a traditional pirate recipe. He finally heads back to the mainland for one of the most colourful carnivals in the world.
Duration: 30'


6  The Andes

Charlie Ottley explores the Andes starting with the chic, renaissance city of Medellin. There he finds out how it has transformed itself from the former drugs capital of the world into the coolest town in Colombia. Then it's off to the Zona Cafetera, where Charlie learns the secret of good coffee in the most stunning colonial setting, and takes a ride through the tallest palm trees in the world. He finally discovers an entirely different side to this beguiling country while hiking up amongst the snow clad volcanos in the magical Los Nevados National Park.
Duration: 30'


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