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Descending to the depths of our oceans is where real adventure begins. No matter how tall the highest peak, how vast the broadest desert or how inhospitable the polar caps - it's all insignificant compared to what lies beneath the waves. Descending captures the thrilling adventures of Scott Wilson, Ellis Emmett and cinematographer Andre Dupuis as they journey into the depths of our world to see places and creatures few of us ever will. Nearly three quarters of our planet is water but the team set out to not just dive our oceans, lakes and rivers, but to discover the stories of human triumph and tragedy associated with the water, and assess with their own eyes the health of the unseen depths. Their own adventure becomes a mirror image of what they are searching for, with triumph and near tragedy always close at hand. An aquatic adventure series on an epic scale, Descending pushes the boundaries of underwater film-making to capture some of the most incredible underwater footage ever seen. Get ready to dive in.


No. of Episodes: 13


1  The Rest of the Map

Seasoned travellers Scott Wilson and Andre Dupuis begin a new journey descending into the world beneath the waves. They travel to New Zealand to recruit friend and fellow explorer Ellis Emmett for the adventure. But equipment challenges and harsh weather impede the team's first dives.
Duration: 60'


2  The Poor Knights

Scott Wilson and Ellis Emmett cross New Zealand's North Island to board a sunken cruise ship, push their limits in a cave dive, and are awestruck by the vibrant and healthy marine reserve at the Poor Knights Islands.
Duration: 60'


3  The Sea Less Travelled

The team ventures to Djibouti to swim with the world's largest fish - the whale shark - but must then overcome frustrating travel challenges to get to Sudan and dive Cousteau's Conshelf II and a WWII wreck with a deadly cargo.
Duration: 60'


4  The Emerald Sea

Scott brings Ellis and the Descending team home to Canada for some cold-water diving off Vancouver Island. Scott and Ellis make friends with some questionable creatures and then pilot a jet at 80ft below the surface. Above the water, the team is put to work preparing a ship for scuttling.
Duration: 60'


5  The Dive God

While island-hopping in the Caribbean, Scott Wilson and Ellis Emmett meet the 'Dive God'. But there is trouble in paradise as the team learns of a poisonous, invasive species that threatens these beautiful blue waters.
Duration: 60'


6  The Deep

Continuing their Caribbean island hopping, the Descending team contemplates underwater art in Grenada, comes face to face with the ocean's largest carnivore in Dominica, and then goes deeper than they ever have before.
Duration: 60'


7  The Big Six

Scott Wilson and Ellis Emmett visit South Africa to face their fears and brave some of the most notorious shark-filled waters in the world. Disaster strikes on what should have been an easy shipwreck dive.
Duration: 60'


8  The Hunt for the Red Devil

Scott Wilson and Ellis Emmett are in Los Angeles to see if vibrant marine life can exist off the highly developed coast of Southern California. After meeting up with a pair of eco-warriors, the team scours the Sea of Cortez in search of the elusive and fearsome "diablos rojos".
Duration: 60'


9  The Smoking Earth

Facing frigid waters, the Descending team travels to Iceland to witness the newest part of our planet being formed. Scott Wilson and Ellis Emmett touch two continents at once in some of the world's clearest water and attempt to dive where no one has gone before.
Duration: 60'


10  The Ghosts of the Pacific

History fanatic Scott talks Ellis into diving the shark-infested waters off the coast of the Solomon Islands. This tiny South Pacific nation played a strategic role during WWII and she still has the scars and wrecks to prove it.
Duration: 60'


11  The Great Lakes

For centuries, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes have shaped the story of Canada. The team takes a trip through history and visits the world's best collection of freshwater shipwrecks to discover what makes this water so great.
Duration: 60'


12  The Four Kings

In Indonesia, Scott Wilson and Ellis Emmett experience Raja Ampat - a reserve rich in beauty, diversity and culture. Ellis befriends a local Papuan who teaches him to fish like a local and the divers have a close encounter with Giant Manta Rays.
Duration: 60'


13  The Underworld

Following a terrifying accident, the team's confidence is shaken. In Indonesia's Lembeh Strait, the mission is to film as many strange creatures as they can find. The team concludes their year-long journey on the remote island of Vanuatu to dive one of the greatest shipwrecks in the world and reflect on their underwater adventures.
Duration: 60'


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