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Varun Sharma

Varun Sharma

Varun caught the travel bug as a child and has never recovered!  Regular touring trips as a family around Europe instilled a passion for travel that has not only become a career but a lifestyle!

Varun was selected as one of eight from thousands of media hopefuls to join the BBC National News Trainee Scheme.  At the BBC he trained in all aspects of media journalism and worked for Business Breakfast, Working Lunch, World Business, Newsround and Political Units.  Varun's career took-off in 1996 when he graduated from the BBC to become lifestyle presenter on Bloomberg television and on Bloomberg on The Money, for Talk Radio.  He held this role for three years before going freelance.  Varun's freelance roles included reporter on London Tonight and presenter of BBC World News.


With a great foundation in media work and solid experience under his belt, Varun turned to his personal passion – travel.  In 2000 Varun set-up The Luxury Travel Show which was a great success and still airs in over 50 countries around the world.  In 2005 he also worked as Editor on a luxury lifestyle magazine for the spa brand Ligne St Barth and began planning his new series of shows under the banner Inside Luxury Travel.


In 2010 Varun together with the Inside Luxury Travel Team has once again hit the road to discover some of the most luxurious and interesting hotels and resort locations that the world has to offer.  From Indian jungle to the vineyards of Napa – you can track his progress in a fourth series of Inside Luxury Travel.  Varun and the team are able to gain access to some of the greatest, most unusual and camera-shy hotels, resorts & suites in the world – including the Presidential Suite at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and suites at The Ritz in London and Grand Hotel in Stockholm.


As each series has gone by Varun has developed an even greater affinity to all creatures furry and cute, a passion for fine food and an ability to try his hand at any new sport or luxury activity his production team throw at him! 


But for Varun the recipe for true happiness is still the same...

A hip-flask of single malt, a fine cigar, on a golf course ... accompanied by his dog Gemima.


Varun Sharma