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Megan McCormick

Megan McCormick

Globe Trekker traveler Megan McCormick was raised in sunny Florida but after studying Philosophy in Boston moved to New York.

Before joining the Globe Trekker team, Megan worked as an English teacher in Japan, a social worker and on 'The News with Brian illiams' for MSNBC.

Megan's credentials include extensive independent travel in Asia and Europe. She's visited Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Inner Mongolia, France, Belgium, England and Ireland, Java and Sumatra.

"I'm not an actress," she says "I heard about Globe Trekker from a friend who is an actor. It sounded like a dream job."

She's not been disappointed either - Globe Trekker has taken Megan to Hawaii, Egypt, Sri Lanka and New England

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Megan McCormick